ByteLife Infrastructure full service

ByteLife Infrastructure full service

ByteLife Infrastructure full service
One of the services provided by ByteLife is BITT (ByteLife Infrastructure Full Service). It is meant for customers who wish to focus on their core business which does not include IT equipment and the respective maintenance. Often there is not enough specific in-house know-how or the situation requires a third opinion. BITT also allows the customer to overcome budgetary constraints without compromising the possibility to use the best contemporary solutions. The structure of BITT is highly flexible and easily customised for every client.

In our vision, IT projects include four main cycles: the phases of mapping and analysis, the development of a solution, installation and implementation, operation and maintenance.


Mapping and analysis
In the course of the IT infrastructure consultation we discuss the wishes and concerns of the customer and analyse the possible optimum solutions. The offered solutions consider both the present situation and the future plans of the company. The mapping may be undertaken on a general level or in greater detail, in case of which we will conduct a respective audit.

Developing a solution
Depending on the customer's needs, we develop specific solutions and approve of the related hardware and software solutions as well as the guarantee and maintenance terms by the manufacturers. We will also include further support services for improved functioning, if necessary. In the given stage, we also negotiate the financing options with the customer (purchase, operational leasing, lease etc).

Installation and implementation
The given stage includes various services related to the installation of the selected solution. Once the solution is installed, we will conduct thorough tests and eliminate any possible errors. We will also draw up comprehensive documentation and provide training for the use, if necessary.

Operation and maintenance
Pursuant to the agreed guarantee and maintenance terms, we will provide administrative and maintenance services for the installed solutions. Similarly, we will conduct monitoring and troubleshooting, if necessary, to ensure the seamless operation of the solution. The maintenance service often includes also regular reports or meetings providing feedback on the previous period and agreeing on the plans for the next period.