IT security solutions

IT security solutions

We provide various IT security solutions with the necessary hardware in order to protect companies and computer systems from hackers, fight against malware and control the employees' access in the company.

In the present world of information with various complex hazards and malware, it is highly important to protect the company's IT systems with more efficient security measures. Such security measures help you to protect the computer systems against hackers, fight against malware and control the employees' and customers' access to the internal information.

  • VPN or Virtual Private Network – a solution that allows the establishment of a safe connection to the company's internal network through an unsafe channel. The VPN connection ensures safe data communication for users outside the office and allows the connection of several office networks into a joint network.
  • Clever firewall solution – prevents the access of unauthorised users to the company's private networks and blocks the spread of malware attacks from the unsafe external network to the more protected internal network.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention – allows the analysis of network traffic and the protection of the network from advanced attacks.

ByteLife provides the IT security solution as a full service covering all the customer's needs: mapping and analysis, design, installation and maintenance of the solution. In creating the network, ByteLife uses only high-quality network equipment by world-renowned manufacturers such as Cisco, Meraki and Brocade. Each part of the solution may also be ordered separately, for instance, in cases where there is suitable hardware, however, not enough know-how to configure or maintain it.


Mapping and analysis
Every IT security solution requires prior planning and mapping. The aim of the security solution is to protect the information and software that are important for the company and their loss or fall into the wrong hands could mean financial damage. In the course of the consultation we discuss the wishes and concerns of the customer and analyse the possible optimum network solutions. The offered solutions consider both the present situation and the future plans of the company. The mapping may be undertaken on a general level or in greater detail, in case of which we will conduct a respective audit.

Developing the IT security solution
We provide full IT security service including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, an overview of the company’s internal network and the respective operations, secure access to office software etc. In creating the network, ByteLife uses high-quality network equipment by world-renowned specialists such as Cisco etc. We agree on the manufacturer's guarantee and maintenance terms and include further support services for improved functioning. In the given stage, we also negotiate the financing options with the customer (purchase, operational leasing, lease etc).

IT security solution installation and implementation
The given stage includes various services related to the installation of the selected IT security solution, including the installation and configuration of the devices. Once the selected solution is installed, we will conduct thorough tests and eliminate any possible errors.

Operation and maintenance
Pursuant to the agreed guarantee and maintenance terms, we will provide administrative and maintenance services for the installed solutions. Similarly, we will conduct monitoring and troubleshooting, if necessary, to ensure the seamless operation of the solution. The maintenance service often includes also regular reports or meetings providing feedback on the previous period and agreeing on the plans for the next period.