Training Session - Computer Security Incidents Response Team (CSIRT)


3-day course dates 5-7 of February, 2019.


This 3-day course presents a comprehensive overview of Computer Security Incidents and Response Team CSIRT trainings, comprising of introductory and general topics, moving on to specialized vulnerability handling, technology watch and security audits, risk analysis and security consulting, education/training, configuration and maintenance of security tools, and also issues of artefact handling and forensics. 

The course will provide an in-depth, comprehensive overview of the entire CSIRT operational cycle. The course is technical in nature, relying heavily on hands-on and practical experience. The course will address the most recent threats and vulnerabilities. 

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of this course are to provide the participants with a detailed and thorough technical understanding of how to detect, prevent and react to cyber security incidents. 

The aim of the course is to give a practical in-depth overview of the complete incident handling flow. 

A separate objective of this course is to enhance and streamline the organization of CSIRT operations and provide a clear understanding of the division of roles for the different team members while also ensuring that the team works as one. This includes: 

  • Separation of duties of the team members
  • Communication management inside the team
  • Managing the incident handling flow
  • Prioritization of tasks
  • Reporting routines

Target Audience

This is a professional technical course designed to network and system administrators as well as incident handlers. This is not an introductory course; participants should have some prior experience in network and/or system administration. 

The course is suitable for participants of technical cyber security exercises, especially members of Blue teams in Red v. Blue exercises to prepare the skillset to perform well at such events. 


  • Good work experience in Linux and Windows environments
  • Comfortable with using virtual machines as training environments (Virtual Box or similar)
  • Sound understanding of network layer protocols
  • Programming skills in any standard language would be helpful.


Course is given by Dmitri Stoljarov and Klaid Mägi


Course fee is 1490,00 EUR + VAT 20%

Seminar on läbi.

ByteLife Solutions - Toompuiestee 35, Tallinn 10133 (3. korrus)